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One of the biggest benefits of creating a new decking line is learning from the mistakes of others, picking and being able to choose the best products and technologies available, and then making it better
and different! 

Blueprint drawing of Lanai PVC Deck plank showing inner core

LANAI is the first and only outdoor flooring product on the market.
What sets it apart is it comes in
48" lengths

This is the only true way to achieve a real hardwood floor look in an exterior decking. 
This is why we call them Planks, not boards.
It also provides an easier and faster installation, easier transport and handling, and less waste. LANAI is delivered on 43" x 50" pallets for easy transport.

Head-on blueprint line drawing of Lanai PVC deck plank

LANAI has angled-edge Planks, which provide a nearly gap-less look, also adding to that interior flooring appearance.  
It provides a gap big enough for water to freely pass through, but small enough to completely hide our Hidden Fasteners and stop leaves and large debris from getting caught in them.

Blueprint drawing of Lanai deck nosing

LANAI is one of the only decking products that has a Deck Nosing. One more step towards that hardwood look, a much more comfortable edge for your feet.

And don't worry, it has the same non-slip embedded grain as all LANAI products.

Blueprint drawing of deck riser from lanai

LANAI has both Deck Fascia and Risers.  
This helps keep costs down, especially when there are stairs involved. Many competitive products only offer Fascia as an option, which need to be cut and leaving waste that cannot be used or recycled. 
Risers help save costs and the environment .


Unlike most decking products on the market, LANAI's fasteners are truly hidden
Our Hidden Plank Fasteners are hidden by the small gaps and unique angle to our Planks.
Our Hidden Nosing Fasteners fasten first to the joist and then the Nosings simply snap into place.
No top screws and nothing to hide!











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