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The story of how LANAI Outdoors began is simple. 

We wanted to remove the design barrier between indoor and outdoor living. 

One warm summer evening, the original founder of LANAI was sitting on his deck with his feet up, enjoying an ice-cold drink. 
He had invested in building a beautiful space for his family, with comfortable outdoor furniture, an outdoor kitchen, a TV--but when the door to his home opened up, the stark difference between the lux hardwood flooring inside and the plastic-looking composite decking outside sparked an idea. 
He began a journey to create a decking product that would bring the feeling of the indoors out, and that would do justice to all the great outdoor-living products on the market. 
He set out to completely change what is accepted as decking in beautiful outdoor living spaces, and thus creating LANAI Outdoor Flooring. ​


Changing the game

From beautiful built-in grills, to outdoor entertainment systems, to furniture that could be put in your living room, the concept of an outdoor living space has evolved.

But there was still one big missing piece: The decking.

Changing the name

Decking is the largest, most important part of an outdoor space, and it’s usually the most expensive. 
Why do we accept the look of long, fake-looking deck boards in our outside space when we'd never accept it inside? Decking should look more like flooring, and now it does. 

We just couldn't
call it  "decking"

Our initial focus was on how to make a decking product not look like, well... decking.

Then we had to make sure that it could withstand harsh exterior conditions while still looking like an interior product. 
The end result is LANAI Outdoor Flooring, the only decking product on the market that has the unique look and feel of interior hardwood, with the design and engineering of an exterior decking product.

So we had to change the name to Outdoor Flooring.


Canadian Toughness

Proudly headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we knew how important it was to create a decking product that could handle temperature swings, snow, ice, salt, sun, and anything else Mother Nature throws at it. 


Why "LANAI"? 

Our name, LANAI, is inspired by the outdoor living phenomenon that was born in Hawaii and has since spread across the continent.


Lanai is an island in Hawaii, and it is also a term used to describe the outdoor living space that Hawaiians created in order to enjoy nature all year-round.

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