Installing your LANAI deck is easier than you might think. 

Although LANAI is a premium decking product, the install isn't any more complicated than a typical deck build. In fact, you'll find it easier than most wood or composite decks. ​



Same install time

No need to worry about extra labor costs. LANAI won't take any longer than a typical deck build.


Easier to transport, handle, & cut

It’s pretty straight forward! 4’ Planks are easier to handle than 12-20’ boards. 


Same framing as typical deck builds

Standard 12” or 16” on center. The only difference is an extra board around the perimeter.

No Spine Boards

Save yourself a step! LANAI is the only decking that doesn't require spine or break boards. 

No Plugs

There is nothing more annoying than finishing a deck and then having to put in a few hundred small plugs. No need, here!


Hidden Fasteners

Other decking may say their fasteners are hidden, but ours REALLY are, and they make installation a snap.

Quick Install Video

4 Simple Steps To Build Your Outdoor Oasis

Step 1: Prepare Deck Frame

Use a double-rimmed joist around the perimeter.

Note: We recommend spacing joists 12" on the centre of the frame, but 16" also works.

LANAI Decking Installation plank fastener spacing.jpg

Step 2: Install Hidden Nosing & Plank Fasteners

Install around the edge and side joists. Space according to install instructions.

Step 3: Install Deck Nosing

Nosing simply "clicks" into Hidden Nosing Fasteners.

Note: Start at one corner and complete only the first row and adjacent corner. Leave the two sides open until after the first 5 deck plank rows are installed to ensure they are square.


Step 4: Install Deck Planks

Butt planks together and use Hidden Plank Fasteners to affix deck planks to the joists. 

Note: We recommend using variable lengths for an authentic hardwood look.

Ta Da!

Your beautiful new deck is ready for you to enjoy!

Get in touch to get started or to find a retailer near you!